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6 Ways you can keep your office safe

14 April 2020

In the current climate many business premises have been left empty and so ensuring the premises is protected is more important than ever. Below we have defined some guidelines to follow in order to ensure your business is secure.

Alarm System

This is one of the basic security features any business should have. A monitored alarm system is essential to ensure you can secure your business when no one is in the office. They transmit emergency signals via a mobile phone connection. Some can even dispatch police to the premises when needed. Some systems can even have a two-way intercom.

Use effective lighting

It is much more likely for burglaries to happen at night, in fact 60% of burglaries in the UK do. So, having effective lighting outside your offices is a very important deterrent.  If a burglar is looking at your office as a potential place to steal from, then effective outdoor lighting can make them feel as though they are being put under a microscope and vulnerable to being caught.

Install CCTV

The best way to protect your property and ensure it is safe and secure is by using an effective CCTV system. CCTV is a huge deterrent and if you combine it with effective lighting and locks, this is the ultimate trio to ensure your office’s security.

There is a wide range of CCTV systems out there that don’t have to be costly. However, it is important that you seek advice from a reputable company before installing CCTV as they will be able to advise where the CCTV cameras should be placed to have the optimum effect.

Use a biometric laptop/desktop lock

In case someone does gain unauthorised access to your office it is important to ensure your data is safe by using a biometric lock on all laptops or desktops. Biometric locks are much more secure as it is practically impossible for someone to get in without your biological characteristics. Whereas many hackers are able to get into password protected machines.

Important documents should be locked away

This one is especially important with the UK GDPR laws that are in place. There could be some serious financial implications if you do not take the appropriate steps to protect your clients’ information. If you own a business in which you deal with the private details of clients (which most businesses do!), then you are responsible for keeping their details safe and ensuring that they do not fall into the wrong hands. The loss of confidential documents can end up being detrimental to your business and so it is extremely important that you take this seriously.

Keep Cash Locked Away

As well as locking away any important documents, you should lock away any cash you may have. It is best to lock away cash in a Eurograde safe which is fixed into the wall. If you are unsure what Eurograde is, this is an essentially standard set out across Europe which measure how burglar-proof your safe really is. You can also include biometric to secure the safe and having the safe opened either using fingerprint, Iris or even facial recognition.


If you would like help in implementing some of our top tips on keeping your office safe then please get in touch.