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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Datacard Card Printers

Datacard offers the highest quality in payment card and advanced secure ID cards giving the user easy operation, proven performance and cost-effective results.


By working with Datacard we can provide you with a fully integrated system which will allow you to design and create customised cards for a multitude of uses, including;


The governmental sector is now utilising smart card technology far beyond the traditional ID cards. We understand that government projects demand the highest levels of security and card protection. We ensure that any ID cards cannot be duplicated by en-coding chips as well as using the latest holographic technology.


Colleges and Universities can promote a safe learning environment with the introduction of student ID cards. Not only can they be used to register attendance in class and on site, they can also be configured for pre-payment, campus access as well as library administrative services. Cards can be unique to each learning establishment ensuring security on site at all times.


Smart card technology can be used in a few ways for the healthcare sector. Patients can have personalised ID cards which can store important information and past health records as well as allow access to hospitals and clinics. The staff of the hospital/clinic could have a access ID card which grants them entry to employee areas as well as restricted areas of the hospital, ensuring safety and security.


Having employee ID badges can enhance your security and building safety greatly. It ensure your building can only be accessed by authorised personnel as well as knowing who exactly is on site at any one time. It can be used to track networking login time / attendance and payroll systems.


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