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Thursday, January 18, 2018


The DataCard CD800™ card printer professionally creates reliable and solid ID cards and takes less time to print than any other comparable desktop printer. It’s engineered and manufactured to handle the higher volumes and technical requirements of any government entity, corporate, commercial and educational card issuance. The CD800 can support your application demands of speed, performance reliability and efficiency.

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CP80 plus

CP80 Plus card printer can support even the most demanding ID applications. It creates high-quality secure ID cards that help you protect people, facilities and other critical assets. This printer can personalise contact or contactless smart cards, encode magnetic stripe cards and issue proximity cards. It is also optimized to work with the software IDCentre.

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123 Easy ID STK

The DataCard 1-2-3- Easy ID card system is user friendly, all in one, on demand. With the 1-2-3 Easy ID system, smaller organizations can implement ID security at a cost effective price. Everything you need to create high quality colour photo ID cards is included in the 1-2-3 Easy ID system including printer, software, camera, cards and supplies.

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The FP65i financial card printer allows financial organisations and retailers to instantly issue printed financial and gift cards at a very low total cost of ownership. Engineered for smaller areas, this compact and easy-to-use card printer fits comfortably on the desktop, and offers full-colour printing, magnetic stripe encoding and smart card personalisation. It also provides patented rear indent printing for improved card security, as well as other security features that protect cardholder data and the printer itself. This is ideal for multiple applications, including personalization of pre-marked, blank or flat pre-printed cards. 

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Ideal for printing high-quality cards, the SR200 retransfer card printer delivers full-colour, over-the-edge, single-sided printing on a variety of materials. Electronic locks protect input cards and supplies. Cost effective printer is also durable enough to offer a lifetime warranty on the print head.

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The SR300 re-transfer card printer provides full-colour, over-the-edge, dual-sided card printing in a compact design, making it cost-effective for issuers to enhance image quality. This reliable, affordable printer can also encode smart cards and magnetic stripes.

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