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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Solutions that will give you Flexibility without compromising your Security

 Why Arana Security?

Arana Security provides full end-to-end smart card solutions, from the design, programming and printing of the smart cards to the authentication devices, support and training. We work with some of the leading manufacturers in the industry in order to ensure the quality and reliability of your solution.

We strive to offer the most up to date technology in the smart card industry and will adapt our solution in order to include the functionality you require. We understand that smart cards are now widely used in different applications where their increased security can help to defeat criminal activity. There are many new roles in biometric access and ID systems, and in multi-function transaction applications. These applications frequently require dye sub-printing for personalization, and combining the initial data programming of the card with the printing process is very efficient. This is something that we can help you achieve.

 What is a Smart card?

There are two factors which define a smart card, how the data is written/ read and which chip is contained within the card. The solution which is best suited to your organisation is dependent on these two factors.

 Memory and microprocessor chips

The different types of chips and their applications are:

  • Memory chip: This solution is ideal for organisations requiring a cost effective smart card solution with basic storage and security applications. This chip contains high re-usable memory, protects sensitive information and can only be read using certain devices. This solution hasno processing power in order to manage data.
  • Microprocessor chip: This solution is used for high end applications which require state-of the art security to protect the memory content from unauthorised access. It has cryptographic capabilities and complex application features. This type of chip is similar to one you would find in your computer. It allows the smart card to have multi-functionality 
Contact and contactless cards

There are two types of smart cards, which are defined by the way they are read/written:

  • Contact Cards: These are the most commonly used smart cards. This type of card must be inserted into a card reader in order for it to be read, as the electrical contacts on the outside of the card need to connect with the card reader. This type of smart card is used as a single function card.
  • Contactless cards: These use radio frequencies to transfer data and therefor they do not have to be put through a card reader. Contactless or proximity cards are low in price and are commonly used in applications such as identification cards, key cards, payment cards and public transport cards. Contactless cards have less storage memory than contact cards but the convenience of use is greatly improved.

Smart Cards Application

Smart cards may be used for a number of different applications, including ID, authentication, or to store information. Smart cards have been widely used in the financial sector for many years now, in order for banks to offer their customer more flexibility securely. In more recent years smart cards have been applied to the transport system allowing travellers to move around more efficiently and to retail loyalty schemes.

Smart Card Solutions for the Financial Sector

There are also a number of governments now applying a smart card system for identity cards and driving licensing, as this offers more security against fraud and enables them to store more information than the traditional cards.

Smart Card Solutions for the Government Sector

Examples of some applications of smart cards can be seen below:

  • Encoded with personal data including: address, age, medical history & blood type
  • Biometric access control encrypted with fingerprint and retinal scan data
  • Printed with a strong corporate identity and a large portrait


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