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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Smart Card Solutions for the Education Sector

It is important for educational establishments to offer their students and staff a safe learning environment. We can offer your educational establishment a solution that not only offers you security but also combines access control, identification and transaction applications.Staff, students and visitors will be issued with ID cards which will enable them to access campus and you will be able to see who is where and when.


The card applications in educational institutions can include library access, campus access, pre-payment, student enrolment and class attendance. Unique student ID numbers allow the cards to store information on each individual student which can be used to monitor attendance, as well as knowing which students are onsite in emergencies situations. Universities can also add clubs, societies, sports facilities (gyms and pool), and the use of the card as a financial tool. Many universities are now using the technology of smart cards to cover their wide range of applications. 


Instant printing on demand

We can provide you with smart card printers and supplies which will allow you to print ID cards on demand instantly. This provides a convenient way to print student cards at registration as well as visitor access cards there and then. These cards can have a number of different applications including access control, cashless payment and tracking facilities.

Let us do it for you

We can print your cards for you, we can take care of the student card printing onsite on the day of registration. We can then print replacement cards as you need them at our secure location. This solution is ideal for education establishments not looking to invest in their own card printing system. 



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