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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Smart Card Solutions for the Retail Sector

We offer a number of smart card solutions to the retail sector which will help your organisation to increase their revenue by attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones. We can provide membership cards, loyalty cards and gift cards. Loyalty cards and membership cards can help you track customers’ activities and unlock a wealth of data on what members want. This can aid in increasing your revenue, by indicating what particular products you should promote to different customers. Many supermarkets have already implemented such solutions. Such loyalty schemes can turn a first time visitor into a long-term customer and in turn creating powerful brands.


Loyalty Cards 

Loyalty cards allow you to reward your customers’ loyalty with discounts, points or gifts. Loyalty cards give you the opportunity to track customer purchasing habits and related data in order to build strong customer relationships. They can be personalised to store data that is appropriate to your organisation. We will work with you to design eye-catching loyalty cards which will be attractive to customers at the point of sale.

Membership cards 

Membership cards can be personalised to include the member’s picture so that they can be identified. The card can also be used for access into the members only facility. Membership cards can also be used to track customer activities in order to build loyalty and offer appropriate rewards to those members.

Gift/ prepaid cards

We are able to offer your organisation a gift cards/pre-paid card solution. These cards will be preloaded with a certain amount and sold to customers. We have a solution which will allow you to provide customers with a gift card that can be used in multiple retailers/stores or a single store.

 Examples of where loyalty cards and membership cards can be applied can be seen below:

  • Hotel key cards
  • Frequent Flyer cards
  • Petrol station loyalty cards
  • Supermarket loyalty cards
  • Gym membership cards
  • Club membership cards

Different methods of issuing cards to your customers

  • Issue the card on demand

This solution allows you to eliminate the time that a customer usually has to wait for their card to arrive through the post. The customers can simply walk into a store, sign up for a membership/loyalty card and walk out with a fully functioning permanent card. If you are looking for a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, then this solution will certainly do that for you. We can provide you with all the hardware, software and supplies in order to put such a solution in place, as well as additional personalisation applications.

  • Issue from a central location

This solution allows you to issue a high volume of different card types from a secure, central location. Customers would receive their card through the post once they have signed up to the membership/loyalty scheme. This solution would reduce the cost per card and therefore offering you savings in the long run.

  • Let us do it for you

We can print your cards for you as you need them at our secure location. This solution is ideal for retail organisations not looking to invest in their own card printing system (as this can be costly). This will allow you to invest in a smart card loyalty scheme without a high initial investment.


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