biometric access control

Tackling security the smart way

Arana Security specialise in delivering customised access control solutions to a multitude of industries, ensuring smart and reliable security management of your organisation.


Providing secure solutions to government divisions, airport security, hospitality sector, corporate business, education and healthcare sectors that offer the highest level of security. Whether your facility is small or large, we have the access control system for you.


With no added complexity for the user, biometrics access control offers a higher state of certainty along with greater security and convenience resulting in the provision of secure digital credentials on either a card, mobile or other smart devices through biometric identification. With our biometric access control further security to your organisation can be ensured, allowing you to have duel verification before gaining access into buildings or restricted areas.


We have a broad range of biometric solutions such as fingerprint recognition, touchless fingerprint recognition, multimodal recognition combining fingerprints and vein patterns, facial recognition and iris recognition.

benefits of biometric access control


Individuals can gain entry (when authorised) without having to queue, request a key or wait for a member of staff to become available.


Timetables can be configured for groups of individuals, to control access to buildings or restricted areas by dates and times.


The same card, tag, PIN or biometric can be used to access other services within the organisation such as printing, computers or the stock room.


Keys no longer need to be carried around, and therefore can’t be used by any unauthorised person nor can they be duplicated.

related projects

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A secure biometric system was required to allowed the biometric registration and identification of clients to give them access to their safety deposit boxes.


We introduced a touchless biometric reader on site to enable fast, smooth and accurate verification of clients. This meant less time wasted at the desk waiting for confirmation of IDs and less stress on both the clients and employees.

“We needed an access control solution and approached Arana Security who went on to deliver a solution which we are very pleased with and glad we choose them over other suppliers. Thank you Arana!”

Facilities Manager, Government Dept