The customer shopping experience is at the centre of many retail organisations. With the current threats it is becoming even more vital to utilise technology in order to enhance that experience. Arana Security have developed an application that allows retailers to offer their customers a way to shop, bag and go, saving the customer time and reducing contact with staff.

During the recent unprecedented times of change, having the ability to shop and remain contactless as much as possible became a challenge. With so many companies resorting to card payments only, many customers became concerned about the constant use of cards even on a tap and go basis. Arana Security made it our goal to assist in eliminating the risk even further with our QuikPay application, allowing for a smooth and completely contactless transaction to occur. QuikPay also allows for rewards card to be connect to a customer’s profile too.

The application is simple and  easy to follow with a step by step introduction guide once downloaded. The stress-free process allows customers to get all their shopping over and done with in record time. Once the application is downloaded, the customer follows the prompts and completes the user form, and then proceeds through the shop scanning their items as they go and place them in their bag. When the customer has finished their shopping, they simply follow the steps to complete the in-app payment process and receive a completion barcode, which they then scan at the designated area before leaving.


The user can download the application onto their device and then register.


Once Logged into the application, the user will land on a home page, press on the scanning button to scan a new QRcode of a product.


The product will then be added to the customers shopping cart.


Once all items have been scanned and added to the cart, the customer can checkout and pay on the application.

“We needed an access control solution and approached Arana Security who went on to deliver a solution which we are very pleased with and glad we choose them over other suppliers. Thank you Arana!”

Facilities Manager, Government Dept