app development

Tackling security the smart way

Arana Security has the ability to develop customised applications according to your organisation’s requirements.


We have also developed a number of off the shelf applications that make it simpler for organisations to implement certain processes such as pre-payment cards and encoding smart cards on site. These applications are customisable as well.

Our experience

Our aim is to provide user friendly applications that give your organisation the flexibility and security that it needs. Some of the applications Arana Security have developed include:

related projects


Arana Security has developed a SmartEncode application
that will make smart card encoding a simple process, with
the ability to encode Mifare smart cards and Utilising ODBC
layers permits the integration with an assortment of database
types, making it simple to query any catalogue.

SmartEncode is an easy to use application suitable for
everyone and can save your organisation a considerable
amount of time and money

The FINDME tracking system provides a smart tracking GPS solution for individuals, businesses and education alike to locate people, assets and vehicles.


Used via the application on Android, IOS and available on web browsers FINDME allows you to maintain a real-time connection with your assets.

“The FindMe Fleet app is an instrumental tool in monitoring our vehicle fleet in real-time and check on deliveries. It has helped with planning and managing our wider logistics infrastructure.”

Security Manager, Maldives