biometric id

Tackling security the smart way

Proven international experience in the design and delivery of reliable biometric and biographic registration, our Biometric id solution are tailor made to suit your organisation’s requirements. Preventing duplicate files and significantly reducing the risk of fraud, our Biometric ID solution ensures a secure platform for your information to be stored on. 

Wide verity systems, such as access to buildings, ID cards, computer systems, laptops, mobile phones, and ATMs requires reliable personal recognition secure and reliable population registration. In the absence of robust personal recognition schemes, these systems become vulnerable and unsecure. Biometric recognition of individuals based on their physiological is more securely identify individual. Biometric easily possible to confirm the individual’s identity based on personal physical characterise rather than what’s identification document possessing.


Using robust, trusted and flexible biometric enrolment system is key for any large-scale or small local project. Our trusted mobilised biometric enrolment solution that when combined well designed components and robust software to deliver secure solution.

benefits of biometric id solutions


Clear and easy to use interface with guidance for enrolment officers at every step. There are warnings and dashboard available and data retrieval from reading identity documents or connecting to back-end system using legacy database.


The systems captures high quality biometric data that can can include facial recognition, fingerprints, IRIS, signature. The quality allows for it to be printed and used for nationwide identification, what's more, it is FBI certified!


Easy customisation of enrolment workflow. Various types of biometrics and peripherals supported to allow optimum project flexibility.


Our solutions help you guarantee confidentiality of applicant’s data during enrolment and/or transfer to central systems with secure encryption mechanisms.

related projects

United nations,

The client required a secure but portable solution to capture the biometric data from individuals and to provide them with ID cards so that they can be identified. 

We provided a number of our BioBox complete ID kits alongside our secure database application to the UN which allowed them to have a complete portable solution that did not compromise the level of security they required.

“Arana did more than just create a clear path to get to our end goal and destination – they paved the road for us after. If you want a company to listen to your particular problems and provide a more bespoke solution I’d recommend Arana.”

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