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BluAccess – mobile access control

16 May 2023

At Arana Security, we understand the importance of having a secure and robust security system, its benefits and how it can best be implemented. But do you ever consider the vulnerabilities of your own system and how these could be exploited to gain access to organisations?


We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and create robust security solutions and understand that they’re often only as strong as their weakest link, and in most cases, the weakest link is the end user. Exploits to human weaknesses happen to companies of all sizes (even within the big companies like Uber in September 2022), often without them realising. 


These weaknesses could be as simple as the user forgetting or sharing the passcode, losing or having their RFID card stolen or ‘skimmed’ or as simple as the security system is never changed or updated and historical data being used for access.


With this in mind, we’ve developed a method to combat this with BluAccess – mobile access control, enabling your ID card to always be within your reach.


BluAccess is a mobile access control system that uses your smartphone to help easily control access to doors, rooms, facilities, and gates with the BluAccess modules. It is also more popular and convenient with end users as they do not need to carry around a separate access card or remember a password, and they often have their mobile device within easy reach.


BluAccess Features

Some of the features of BluAccess include:

  • ID Access
  • Custom access rules
  • Auto Connect with BluAccess
  • Module
  • QR Code
  • Supporting different access modes:
    • Pocket mode
    • Hands mode
    • Card mode

When the mobile device is in proximity of the reader, it will automatically enable access making the process swift and painless and therefore, the security requirements more likely to be followed. Should it be an agreed requirement, a biometric layer can be added with dual authentication (fingerprint) on the reader device.

BluAccess Benefits

Benefits of BluAccess include:

  • Replaces the need for physical access granting items e.g fobs and keycards:
    • Reduced cost to replace
    • Reduced likelihood of items being lost/ stolen
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to set up
  • The software and its interface have been designed to make it quick and easy to enrol users
  • Could be integrated with other access control systems
  • Automation is applied to open doors automatically if the user is in range
  • The platform can be scaled up or down depending on your organisation’s needs
  • Convenience for the end user (less information to remember or items to carry) resulting in fewer ‘work-around’ options
  • Flexibility for your organisation as BluAccess can be used to control access to a variety of doors and terminals, including doors, gates, elevators, and rooms

BluAccess is an ideal solution for SME’s as it’s a very cost-effective solution. This is due to its easy integration and management and smaller hardware costs and upkeep compared to larger access control solutions.


If you are looking for a more secure and convenient way to provide access to your doors and terminals, then BluAccess is a great option.

Find out more about the Biometric ID solutions we offer here at Arana Security, or book a consultation to speak to our dedicated team about your security needs.