Revolutionise Your Biometric Experience

Unlock a new era of security with BioWave, the cutting-edge biometric management solution from Arana Security. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace the power of advanced biometric technology to safeguard your premises and payments like never before.


This application combines  biometric access control, time attendance and biometric payment which are all managed from one portal. It allows users to have multiple locations on the same biometric payment/ access control system. 

This solution provides a frictionless user experience with its complete touchless enrolment process. Our pre-enrolment mobile application allows the user to input their details and generate a QR code. The user can then scan the QR code at the touchless enrolment station in order to complete the registration.

Experience Unparalleled Accuracy and Reliability

BioWave utilises state-of-the-art biometric identification methods, including fingerprint, hand, and facial recognition, to ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability in authentication. Bid farewell to misplaced or stolen access cards, as only authorised individuals with verified biometric data gain entry.


Seamless Integration, Effortless Access

Our intelligent design allows BioWave to seamlessly integrate with your existing access control infrastructure. Whether you need to secure a small office or a large enterprise, BioWave fits your requirements perfectly. Enjoy a frictionless access experience, with swift and hassle-free entry for authorized personnel.



Enhanced Security, Greater Peace of Mind

Protect your valuable assets and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and payment with BioWave. Our robust features and intelligent algorithms provide a multi-layered security system, ensuring maximum protection against potential threats. Rest easy knowing that your premises are safeguarded by the latest biometric technology.



Versatile and Future-Proof Solution

BioWave adapts to your evolving security needs. With its flexible design, it accommodates a wide range of environments, including office buildings, research facilities, educational institutions, and more. Stay ahead of the curve with a future-proof solution that continuously updates to meet the demands of the ever-changing security landscape.



Streamlined Management and Reporting

Efficiently manage and monitor access control activities with BioWave’s comprehensive management software. Gain valuable insights into employee attendance, generate detailed reports, and simplify administrative tasks. With BioWave, you have full control over your security ecosystem.

biowave features

Multi-Location Authentication

Authenticate users onto the system from different locations nationally or even globally!

3 Functions-1 portal

Manage biometric time-attendance, biometric access control and biometric payment from one portal for your organisation.

access control

Secure and Frictionless access control for multiple-locations managed from the same system.

biometric payment

Introduce a biometric payment option to your organisation, which can be manages from the same portal as your organisation's access control system.


Setup biometric time-attendance for all employees/ offices from the same portal

E-ticketing for events or visitors

There is an option to add on an e-ticketing/ visitor passes on the same portal.

Unleash the Power of BioWave Today

Experience the pinnacle of security and convenience with BioWave. Enhance your access control system and redefine the way you secure your premises. Don’t settle for outdated methods—embrace the future of biometric authentication with BioWave. Contact us now to schedule a personalised demonstration and discover how BioWave can revolutionize your security infrastructure. Your peace of mind is just a fingertip away.

Recent Project

United nations,

The client required a secure but portable solution to capture the biometric data from individuals and to provide them with ID cards so that they can be identified. 

We provided a number of our BioBox complete ID kits alongside our secure database application to the UN which allowed them to have a complete portable solution that did not compromise the level of security they required.

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Operational Director, United Nations