IB Integrated Biometrics

Impacting Lives Through Identity

Arana Security has forged a partnership with Integrated Biometrics, a leading global provider of biometric solutions. Integrated Biometrics offers cutting-edge touchless identification SDK software and FBI-certified fingerprint sensors tailored for various sectors including law enforcement, military operations, homeland security, national identity programs, election validation, social services, and diverse commercial applications.

The scanners employ patented LES (light emitting sensor) film, delivering unparalleled performance in speed, compactness, lightweight design, user-friendliness, and durability. These features make them ideal for cost-effective high-performance mobile solutions. Deployed in 39 countries, these scanners assist in border protection efforts and ensure compliance with national and international identity standards.

Arana Security has integrated IB’s advanced technology into one of its flagship products, BioBox ID, enhancing its capabilities and functionality.


Exceptionally compact and exceptionally precise, IB’s Kojak 10-print roll scanner showcases an intuitive ergonomic layout, weighing under 725 grams (1.6 pounds), and adeptly captures four flat prints and single finger rolls. It remains unaffected by latent prints and operates seamlessly with dry or soiled fingers, eliminating the necessity for hand lotion. The device excels even in direct sunlight, boasting an easy-to-interpret LED graphic user interface.

Kojak has been integrated with our Biometric ID solution BioBox


Integrated Biometrics introduces the groundbreaking Five-0, the inaugural FBI-certified fingerprint scanner capable of swift FAP 50 enrollment and verification, all within a package compact enough to slip into a shirt pocket. Tailored for law enforcement, military, border control, and national ID programs, Five-0 establishes a new benchmark for genuinely mobile identity management operations.

With its diminutive and lightweight build, Five-0 delivers outstanding performance and dependability for field operations. It withstands latent fingerprints, grime, extreme temperatures, bright lights, and direct sunlight. Featuring no silicone membranes or light sources to replace, each unit sustains operation for extended periods utilizing power from a smartphone or other mobile device.

“We needed an access control solution and approached Arana Security who went on to deliver a solution which we are very pleased with and glad we choose them over other suppliers. Thank you Arana!”

Facilities Manager, Government Dept