Hygienic & Secure

Arana Security have introduced a contactless payment terminal offering the latest technology for contactless payments. This is an integrated system using Idemia’s MorphoWave compact device and our customisable application to enrol users and verify payments at the cashier.

The MorphoWave™ Compact implements a patented, truly contactless 3D fingerprint technology in a stylish and compact wall-mounted device, suitable for any location. The MorphoWave™ Compact does not only acquires extremely accurate fingerprint data but also overcomes the challenges of wet/dry fingers and latent prints pose to the conventional scanning systems.

Enhanced security and streamlining of the payment process are factors that are driving companies to adopt biometric authentication. The benefits for companies using biometric payments would also include cost savings on physical cards, ID documents and administration costs.

Biometric payment offers benefits to the consumer, not only by offering them a smoother easier transaction process, but also the convenience of not having to carry cash/cards. This system can also be applied within a financial organisations for customers to use to withdraw and deposit cash securely.

There are two ways this solution can be implemented:


A closed system that is for organisations that can work within a limit of 80K records, the customer would wave their hand (after they have checked the amount to be paid) and the cashier will receive confirmation or decline of the payment.




An open system that is for organisations that want the unlimited record potential, the customer will tap the contactless tag they received at registration on MorphoWave device and then check the amount to be paid on the terminal and then wave their hand to authorise the payment.


This system can be integrated with a number of payment methods. The application is customisable according to our customers’ needs. Payment applications that can be integrated include, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. However, the system can be customised to integrate with other applications if required.