Simplify Access Control for Your Business

Introducing BluAccess, the ultimate solution for effortless mobile access control. Designed specifically for small to medium businesses, BluAccess revolutionises how you control access to doors, rooms, facilities, and gates. With our advanced BluAccess modules and the power of your smartphone, you can take complete control of your business’s security with just a few taps.

BluAccess mobile access control, hands-free access control

With BluAccess, you can enhance the security of your business while simplifying access control management. Experience the convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind that BluAccess brings to your daily operations.

Benefits of BluAccess

Benefits of BluAccess:


  • Cost and Security Benefits: By replacing physical access-granting items like fobs and keycards, BluAccess reduces the cost of replacements and mitigates the risk of lost or stolen cards. This not only saves your business money but also enhances overall security.
  • User-Friendly Experience: BluAccess offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies access control management. Enrolling users and granting or revoking access permissions is intuitive and efficient, reducing administrative overhead and ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: With BluAccess, end users enjoy greater convenience as they have fewer items to carry and remember. This eliminates the need for workarounds and enhances productivity. Moreover, BluAccess provides flexibility by enabling access control for your organisation’s various doors, gates, elevators, and rooms.
  •  Supporting Different Access Modes:
    • Pocket mode: Keep your smartphone in your pocket and effortlessly unlock doors as you approach them, thanks to proximity-based access.
    • Hands mode: For added security and convenience, utilise hands-free access. BluAccess automatically detects your presence and grants access without any physical interaction.
    • Card mode: Mimic the experience of a traditional access card by tapping your smartphone against the BluAccess module for quick and easy entry.


bLUACCESS features

ID Access

BluAccess allows you to easily manage access to your premises using the BluAccess mobile application. Your smartphone becomes your Access ID, replacing the need for physical access granting items such as fobs and keycards.This reduces costs and minimises the likelihood of items being lost or stolen.

User-Friendly interface

Setting up BluAccess is a breeze. The software and its interface were thoughtfully designed to make it quick and easy to enrol users. You can grant access to employees, visitors, and contractors with a few simple steps, ensuring a seamless and efficient onboarding process.

Integration capabilities

BluAccess can be seamlessly integrated with other access control systems you may already have. This allows for a unified access control infrastructure, providing comprehensive security across your organisation. Enjoy the benefits of centralised access management and streamline your security operations.

Automation and Scalability

BluAccess leverages advanced automation capabilities to enhance user experience and security. Doors can open automatically when authorised users are in range, providing a seamless entry process. Additionally, you can easily scale the platform up or down to adapt to your organisation's evolving needs, ensuring flexibility and future-proofing your access control system.


Take control of your access management with custom rules. BluAccess enables you to set specific access permissions based on user roles, time of day, and days of the week. Tailor access privileges to match your business requirements, ensuring security and efficiency.

Auto Connect with BluAccess

Seamlessly connect your smartphone to the BluAccess module using NFC (Near Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technologies. Enjoy hassle-free access control without the need for physical cards or key fobs.


Encrypted Messages: Bluetooth is known not to be very secure. We have added encrypted messaging between the portal controller and the reader in order to secure access and reduce the risk of spoofing.


BluAccess Components:

  • Mobile Application: The BluAccess mobile application is the central hub for managing your access control system. Its user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly configure access rules, track entry logs, and grant or revoke access permissions.
  • BluAccess Module: The BluAccess module seamlessly integrates with your existing access control infrastructure. Its advanced technology ensures reliable and secure communication with the BluAccess mobile application.

Invest in BluAccess today and take the first step towards seamless access control for your business. Click below to arrange a demo or contact us.

Recent Project

United nations,

The client required a secure but portable solution to capture the biometric data from individuals and to provide them with ID cards so that they can be identified. 

We provided a number of our BioBox complete ID kits alongside our secure database application to the UN which allowed them to have a complete portable solution that did not compromise the level of security they required.

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Operational Director, United Nations