ANPR solutions

Making ANPR work around your needs

Arana Security works closely with our partners’ and their various range of ANPR cameras. ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle plate number through optical character recognition (OCR) technology. ANPR cameras allow for the vehicle number plate to be read and identified as an authorized vehicle before access is given. Such access control solution can increase the security greatly for sensitive high risk locations.


We pride ourselves in providing our Clients with industry-leading camera technology that enables the safety and security of all parties’ desire. Arana Security works closely with our partners’ and their various range of ANPR cameras which allows us to adapt bespoke capabilities with the most innovative products and highest standards of service.


The ANPR process normally takes no more than a few hundredths of a second, so it is possible to register multiple license plates by even a single camera and also in high-speed environments. Consistently successful ANPR/LPR, however, depends on many technological factors and the ability to adapt to several environmental variables.

uses for anpr include:

Access control





related projects

Sharps Pixley, biometric ID Case study, arana security

A secure biometric system was required to allowed the biometric registration and identification of clients to give them access to their safety deposit boxes.


We introduced a touchless biometric reader on site to enable fast, smooth and accurate verification of clients. This meant less time wasted at the desk waiting for confirmation of IDs and less stress on both the clients and employees.

United nations,

The client required a secure but portable solution to capture the biometric data from individuals and to provide them with ID cards so that they can be identified. 

We provided a number of our BioBox complete ID kits alongside our secure database application to the UN which allowed them to have a complete portable solution that did not compromise the level of security they required.

“Arana did more than just create a clear path to get to our end goal and destination – they paved the road for us after. If you want a company to listen to your particular problems and provide a more bespoke solution I’d recommend Arana.”

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