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Innovative Biometric solutions for the education sector

28 July 2020

The current global pandemic has led to shifts in the biometric security industry. Accelerating the demand and shifting the focus on to contactless access control and security systems. The future involves a move away from touchpad systems for fingerprinting, palm scanners, and such technology. Instead, there will be a move towards contactless fingerprint scanners and face recognition solutions.


Why does the education sector need biometric solutions?

Education institutions will have different levels of need for biometric solutions depending on their set-up and size but generally, their use can enhance the student experience. Biometric systems can more efficiently record student attendance while streamlining administrative tasks for the teachers, thus increasing the time they are available to teach. The added benefit is the attendance data is more readily available with increased accuracy, as it can’t be forged and human error risks are removed.


The more obvious need for biometric systems is for access control to provide safe and controlled environments for both staff and students. Facilities installing a biometric system at the main entrance will produce an accurate record of who enters and leaves the premises as well as preventing unauthorised access to the building. A biometric system can also be extended to include allowing students to access different facilities such as the library, canteen, printing, equipment allocation, specific classrooms/labs, or even to prevent access to certain areas.


What are the potential Biometric Solutions?

Arana Security can provide customised solutions to the education sector that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements. There are 3 potential systems that can be of benefit;


1. IDEMIA VisionPass Face Recognition


One innovation anticipated to have wide use before the end of the new decade is facial recognition. VisionPass is the most powerful facial recognition device in the current market. The newest addition to IDEMIA’s range of frictionless biometric access control devices. This robust and reliable device provides near-motion 1-second verification through multiple angles and in all light conditions and is resistant to all kinds of spoofing attempts. This is the ideal solution for contactless access control to facilities



2. Contactless enrollment/access control with IDEMIA Morphowave Compact


IDEMIA created their patented, contactless 3D fingerprinted technology, to accurately and quickly capture fingerprints with a single hand movement. Convenient and simple to use whilst removing surfaces that act as potential germ transmission. The Morphowave Compact can also be used with the VisionPass for access control solutions.



3. Biobox enrolment


Using Arana Security’s Biobox enrollment and verification system, with an integrated biometric application and hardware, to capture and store biometric data. A trusted, and flexible biometric enrolment system will help create a much more efficient, accurate, and faster enrollment process for students.  The biometric data can include face recognition, fingerprints, Iris, and signature. The quality of biometric data is such that it can be printed and ID cards even created should there be a need. The system is easily customised with various types of biometrics and peripherals to create the required enrollment workflow.


The Future of Biometrics in the Education sector is here


Education facilities are continually implementing the use of new technologies, to both support and enhance the learning experience. Using technology such as tablets, laptops and smart-boards are a common sight in education institutions. A step towards biometrics can bring further benefits. Not only will using biometrics assist the daily operations but also bring aspects such as accountability, security, and authentication. As well as student attendance, the system can be used for staff time and attendance. To control access with biometrics to restricted areas will ensure that confidential documents are kept secure.