AVA VIDEO Security


Arana Security have become a platinum partner of AVA in order to offer customers the best in cloud based surveillance systems. Founded in 2020, Ava’s vision as a unified security provider is to help organizations detect, monitor, and respond to threats in real-time across both cyber and physical domains. The company offers best-in-class insider threat detection cybersecurity solutions, and intelligent, end-to-end video security solutions to protect people, assets, and data, helping your company see the whole picture to respond quickly.

End-to-end intelligent video surveillance

AVA’s video security solution offers simplicity and flexibility to customers with its  cloud based platform! While also providing the powerful and proactive security and AI capabilities of Ava’s on-premises and hybrid deployments. By ensuring you have the best technology, you help your security team protect your staff and customers to the best of their ability. 

Why Ava Video Security?


  • Video surveillance with integrated analytics and anomaly detection in real-time
  • People presence, smart map, people and object tracking, notifications, and alarms
  • Search by similarity, events, objects, and images across your entire deployment


  • Flexible deployment—hybrid or pure cloud— and modern architecture with lower bandwidth costs & outstanding image quality for organizations of any size
  • Cloud services for automatic software upgrades, remote monitoring, and safe remote access
  • Open architecture that integrates with third-party cameras and access control systems


  • Secure by default with always-on encryption for recordings and media transport

  • Automatic software updates and performance checks through the cloud

  • Detailed audit trails of all operator and admin actions.


  • Focused and simple web and mobile user interface, accessible from anywhere
  • Effortless physical installation and configuration
  • Quick deployment with cloud, or hybrid for increased flexibility

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