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Does your Security System Need a Refresh?

12 August 2020

An up-to-date security system is a huge benefit to businesses. Not only will it be a deterrent to intruders but also help protect a business from potential disputes and lawsuits. However, security solutions will at some point require an upgrade, for it to remain an effective and efficient tool. Some of the reasons that you would consider an upgrade to security systems are;


Outdated technology

The development of technology systems has evolved at tremendous speed over recent times. The efficiency and performance of security equipment have improved to provide more accurate data and better data storage solutions. Poor quality images and unreliable CCTV systems no longer need to be an issue for businesses. Another problem with outdated systems is that repair and replacement parts become more costly and harder to do. Modern systems are smart and integratable, they can offer remote surveillance but also allow for smart access control for employees. Using keyless entry and restricted areas within buildings, and detailed access records is possible to install without any major modification to the building structure or fittings.


Alterations to premise

Any changes to the structure of the building will render the previous security solution inadequate for the new space. The position of CCTV cameras and or any access control system will need to be adapted to the new layout to ensure that the function of the system will meet the business requirement.

Being more Eco

Not necessarily the aspect that is usually linked to security systems but with the increasing global awareness of everyone doing their part and making changes to be more eco-friendly. Modern technology tends to be much more energy-efficient and so contributing towards reducing the carbon footprint. The other benefit of modern technology is the availability of a wireless solution that will reduce the amount of plastic required between devices.

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