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White Paper: Addressing the Challenges Organisations Face with Accurately Linking a Person with Their Identity

21 January 2021

 Identity Challenges 

Organisations and Governments were faced with the challenge of accurately linking a person with their identity. In the past, a person’s identity could be proven simply using documents that included a photo, which would have been enough. Over the last several decades, the evolution of technology brought about a more secure identification process that saw the creation of a digital identity. Although a step in the right direction, many still found themselves faced with the challenge of an inaccurate link, alongside, the new challenge of fraud and fraudulent documents. 


Addition of Biometric identification

Biometric literally means “measurement of life,” biometrics refers to all processes used to recognise, authenticate and identify personnel based on individual physical or behavioural characteristics. In an attempt to deal with the challenges at hand, modern technologies can now successfully input a person’s biometric data and create a sold link to their identity in addition to other digital information.  With the addition of biometrics, the level of security created provides a much higher standard for identification processes, which can be used as multi-levels of verification to accurately prove a person’s true identity.


Meet the BioBox

The BioBox was designed to establish a physical link between biometric identity, digital information and the person themselves. With the capacity to store and generate data in a secure system,  our diverse software allows for flexibility without jeopardising security standards. Easy, secure and fast processing, BioBox ID enables authorities to capture and store the data anywhere in under 4 minutes.

With face, iris and FBI certified fingerprint capabilities; this product permits multi verification, encoding and generating EFT files making ID fraud extremely difficult. The choice of included products is entirely up to the client. We are able to add or remove elements based around the necessities of the project. Stored in a waterproof, shockproof, compact case, it allows the user ease of transportation between locations.


Not only is the BioBox adjustable to a specific requirement, but the software we have developed is also customisable. The flexibility ensures BioBox is adaptable to various usage scenarios from commercial offices to governmental bodies; the software’s capabilities are continually being upgraded to meet any potential challenges.


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Security of the Biometrics and Data Collected

The fact that a person’s entire biometric footprint cannot be replicated is the ultimate reason we chose to bring different elements together when we created the BioBox. Including several biometric components of a person ensures the safety and security of data collected. 


Stored according to  international standards to generate an EFT (Electric Fingerprint Transmission) file format, which is created  with the highest level of security access. The database can be  stored locally on BioBox or a network server, allowing for  remote collection of the data, which can then be imported to the central database via a secure line if necessary. Our software and products are equipped to face fraud attempts.



Where can it be used? 

BioBox solution can be used in various scenarios around the world; its ease of use and flexibility is ideal for a  diverse range of organisations within the public and private sectors.


⮚ Citizen enrolment in large territories with distributed populations, 

⮚ Enhanced security checks (field clearance, roadblocks etc.),

⮚ Law enforcement, 

⮚ Homeland security and military personnel, 

⮚ NGOs, 

⮚ Education departments, 

⮚ Border controls and even 

⮚ Enterprise sector.


Case study

Secure Controlled Area – Middle East

For this specific project, a highly secure smart card solution was provided to restrict the access within a  controlled area inside a city; the solution we implemented was based on secure contact & contactless smart cards. With several gates present to allow access to this area, the requirement was to present the smart card ID at the gate and so allowing complete control of the restricted area. The challenge faced was producing highly secure smart cards and making sure the cards could be verified easily, relying on the physical characteristic of the cards and the digital and biometric identity verification if necessary. 


Requiring the use of biometric information, we decided to implement our BioBox and then take the collected data and encode it on a smart card. The BioBox ID was used in the enrolment of the biometric data and integrated with an already existing central database. We customised the BioBox ID software to meet the requirement for this client by connected our system to their database and executing the conception of EFT files; the biometric data was collected and added to the database. We also encoded elements of the biometric data on the smart card for verification. On each gate, mobile verification devices were deployed to allow for biometric verification and so to provide more secure access controls. The solution was deployed in a short amount of time and as a result, improved the level of secure access by encoding the biometric data to the cards. 

About Us 

Arana Security specialises in Biometric solution, Smart Card technology, Access Control and Surveillance and monitoring systems. Priding ourselves on ensuring full end-to-end security solutions, from design and programming to printing and authentication, we work in close collaboration with clients to deliver a solution that ensures harmony between quality, reliability and cost.

With extensive experience delivering such solutions internationally to public and private sector organisations, we can deliver tailor-made solutions to suit your organisation using the latest in smart technology.