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Arana Security develop new biometric payment application leveraging IDEMIA’s MorphoWave contactless fingerprint terminal

4 February 2021
  • Biometric payment through a simple, contactless fingerprint scanning by the device

  • Solution being tested by an international retail organization

The current pandemic has increased the demand for biometric payment solutions for the banking and retail sector. However, fingerprint biometric solutions pose their own issues with hygiene. Arana Security developed an application to work alongside IDEMIA’s MorphoWave Compact to allow for contactless biometric payments. This solution offers an improved customer journey with an innovative, convenient and secure way to pay with just the wave of your hand.


As an expert in biometric integrated solutions Arana Security strives to provide customers with high quality solutions. The recent growth in demand for contactless payment solutions forecasts tremendous potential for the solution around the world. In fact, new research by Fingerprints showed 56% of consumers would prefer biometric payment over PIN.


With the introduction of mobile biometrics which accounts for 65% of mobile users, interest in the use of biometrics as a replacement for passwords has peaked. Consumers have been introduced to a ‘tap happy’ culture which they are now buying into.


The benefits for companies using biometric payments would also include cost savings on physical cards, ID documents and administration costs.


Arana Security chose to develop an application for IDEMIA’s MorphoWave™ Compact contactless fingerprint device as it enables fast, smooth and accurate verification of clients. MorphoWave™ Compact performs a 3D scan and verification of four fingerprints in less than one second, in a quick, easy and hygienic touchless hand wave gesture. Thanks to advanced algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, the accuracy is very high, even with ageing fingers. This will allow customers to make a payment with the simple wave gesture.


The solution simply works by linking a payment card or account to a registered user on the mobile application. The user will then need to be enrolled using the MorphoWave which then enables the customer identification to authorize this card-on-file payment. The enrolment process happens on the device itself within 30 seconds.


By running this system on cloud services, Arana Security are able to offer multi-location enrolment and authentication, which makes this solution even more user friendly. The verification monitoring system can be used to overlook the verification of the users on the MorphoWave Compact from one simple portal.


Ali Nasser, Sales Director of Arana security, has stated that the aim is to help financial institutions and retail organisations to have a safe environment amid the pandemic, and a sustainable payment solution for the foreseeable future.

“We’ve worked closely with a reseller who is testing this new system with a Japanese retail organisation who require the system for their Shopping mall food courts based in several locations. We believe this system is crucial in helping retailers and financial institutions provide a safe and secure payment solution to their customers, all the while decreasing the chance of Fraud. It’ll definitely be a step in the right direction for many organisations.”