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How We Can Help UK Hospitality Venues Re-open Safely

11 March 2021

With the UK on track to lift lockdown restrictions from this month, it’s still essential to maintain processes and procedures that will keep both staff and customers safe as venues reopen, and people begin to venture out. Using a contactless system is the obvious way to go forward as it will reduce the contact required between staff and consumers and reduce the common touchpoint areas that may facilitate the spreading of the virus. The hospitality sector has suffered heavily over the past year with the restrictions placed on them. Hence, it’s essential to put into place systems that will give consumers a higher level of assurance to encourage them to come back as soon as possible. With biometric solutions, venues can also increase their organisational efficiency.



Contactless biometric payment solution

Our Morphowave Contactless solution is ideal for providing venues with easy payment methods that have several mutual benefits for both consumers and venues. Using IDEMIA’s MorphoWave™ device (integrated with our own customisable application that enrolls and offers payment verification) allows for an easy and quick adoption of a biometric payment solutions.

The MorphoWave™ Compact implements a patented, truly contactless 3D fingerprint technology in a stylish and compact device, suitable for any location. The MorphoWave™ Compact acquires extremely accurate fingerprint data and overcomes the challenges of wet/dry fingers, and latent prints pose to the conventional scanning systems.


There are significant benefits for the use of biometric contactless payment solutions compared to other payment methods for hospitality venues includes;


  • Smoother and easier transaction process
  • Cuts queuing time
  • Minimising contact with staff
  • Provide customers with added assurances with regard to hygiene, as this is likely to be an issue for many following the pandemic.


Contactless biometric access control

Biometric access control solution that will benefit hospitality to quickly grant access to customers and enable venues to know the identity of every person entering. With an added marketing benefit of knowing their details and consumer behaviour traits which will provide a more personalised loyalty service to customers. Having a more targeted marketing and more customised special offers will lead to a higher return rate.


The  MorphoWave™ Compact allows for quick and smooth customer enrollment. With no added complexity for the user. Biometrics access control offers a higher state of certainty along with greater security and convenience. This results in the provision of secure digital credentials on either a card, mobile or other smart devices through biometric identification. With our biometric access control, further security to your organisation can be ensured, allowing you to have duel verification before gaining access into buildings or restricted areas.


Benefits of biometric access control include;

  • Reducing queuing time
  • Access to venues without requiring members of staff to verify and admit
  • Cost-cutting as venues will no longer need to produce the tickets, key cards.
  • Control access to various areas within the venue, so having restricted access areas.
  • Can provide access to further services within the venue, including contactless payment once the customer is enrolled in the system; it’s a seamless process.
  • Reducing risks of fraud significantly, as access isn’t granted under any false pretenses.



With biometric solutions being one of the fastest trends in the hospitality industry, it will likely become established. Our solution allows you to have both Access control and Biometric payment using the same system! So get started today and be ahead of the crowd; contact us at Arana Security for more information on how we can help you.