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Riding the ‘BioWave’: Arana Security’s newest smart software takes Biometric identification to the next level

7 July 2021

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, biometric identification systems are ever growing. Biometric identification is used by nearly 50% of smartphone owners today for security technology, e.g., unlocking your phone with your fingerprint or face recognition.


Additionally, consumer demand for hands-free (more hygienic) technology has sky-rocketed in line with the global Covid pandemic. Whether knowingly or not, the public are becoming better introduced and accepting of biometric identification – this is, without a doubt, an incredibly good thing. It is more safe, secure and usable than any other security access system and is incredibly useful in many ways.


Arana Security’s ‘BioWave’ takes biometric identification to the next level, allowing multi-venue security access remotely, and for the competitive world of education admissions, it offers an important user experience advantage for managing student access and enrolment.  Not to mention saving significant time and bureaucratic heavy lifting from admission teams on enrolment days.


Arana Security’s new software advancement alongside IDEMIA’s advanced technology offers huge potential to streamline the entire onboarding process, as for instance even before a student enrols at university, they can be given access authority to their specific halls of residence, library, science labs and anywhere else on campus they may need to be – all through their fingerprint.


Arana Security Sales Director Ali Nasser, “Our cutting-edge application brings several elements of Biometric security control into one seamless application that will revolutionise the Education onboarding process and offer an exemplary user experience to all students, who will,  in many cases, expect this level of bio metric technology to be part of their university admission experience’.


The security and safety in this technology is obvious; an entry card can be passed from one person to another, but a fingerprint provides an infallible means of personal identification. Every fingerprint of each human being is unique and does not change with growth or age.


The increased security and safety of this technology is clear. However, another string to Bio Wave’s bow is the ease and convenience of it. It removes the need for multiple entry swipe cards. Cards can be misplaced or swopped, as said to anyone else. Bio Wave eradicates any of these possibilities, as biometric information can only be used by the required user. Also, Biometrics used in education is incredibly useful and convenient, automating time-consuming tasks, for example, taking registration in the classroom can instead be done with a fingerprint, saving valuable teaching time, and preventing mistakes.


Further to providing controlled, secure, convenient access control, Bio Wave also measures time attendance and allows biometric payment – all from one portal and makes for a safer, more streamlined and efficient access security system.


So how does it work in practice?

Bio Wave is a cloud-based solution that uses a QR code, generated by an app that is sent to the attendee or student. They are then asked to complete the required registration process, prior to attendance/arrival. This is then checked by the Security Team to process and allocate the appropriate level of security clearance remotely.


The attendee to the event or student at their university can then arrive, generate their encrypted and timed QR code, which is then scanned at the touchless enrolment station and begins the access process of obtaining their biometric information.


This offers a completely safe, secure, and seamless process, eliminating the possibility of the fraudulent sharing of e-tickets or smart passes and eliminating the need for any unnecessary contact – which, as previously noted, is increasingly desirable due to the Covid pandemic.

BioWave is the way forward in secure, convenient, and safe access control technology. Safety, ease of use, and time-saving technology is what the world is calling for right now and BioWave, undeniably, delivers on all of thesea