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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Biometric Access Control For Your Organisation

29 March 2022

Security is so important, not only for keeping staff safe but also for protecting company assets.  Restricting access to an organisation’s building or certain parts of a building is an important part of a company’s security. However, why should companies consider biometric access control over cards and fobs?


Here are 5 reasons why your organisation should use biometric access control:


1. Helps protect against Fraud

As digital fraud is on the increase, the necessity to keep evolving is essential. We know through our own solutions at Arana Security, such as our Biometric Access Control and Biometric ID platform that biometric security offers a vital defence against the rising wave of criminal fraud.


In a recent report on cyber fraud by UK Finance, the organisation states that fraud in UK has reached a level where it ‘poses national security threat’.


 Figures, reveal that during the first half of 2021, £754 million ($100 million) has already been stolen from digital consumers. According to business internet service provider (ISP) Beaming, small businesses in the UK were particularly impacted, with two-thirds of UK companies, employing between 10 and 49 people, falling victim to some form of cybercrime.


This equated to a total cost of 17bn or an average loss of £65,000 per small business in damaged assets, financial penalties and business downtime.


Password or passcode access control is not secure as it does not rely on the actual human, being present at the time of the transaction. Instead, it relies only on the constructed elements i.e., the password, memorable answers, passcodes. Etc being available, which are devolved from the human themselves. All information that can and is readily stolen from unsuspecting victims.


As we know, at the heart of biometrics is its ability to differentiate between us based on our biological and personal characteristics like voice, language, iris or fingerprints.  Not in the artifice of protection we give to ourselves through the creation of passwords and memorable phrases.


2.  More economical in the long-term

Biometric access control is cutting edge technology. Eventually the world will move away from conventional, expensive and less secure fob and entry cards to biometric technology. By adopting the new technologies now, your organization will not then have need to upgrade their system once again in a few years’ time. At the same time, your organization will be cutting the risk of unauthorised entry to practically zero, as it is much more difficult to get someone’s biometrics than someone’s key card!


3. Hygienic contactless access control


With technology such as Idemia’s contactless biometric Morphowave, there is no longer a need for contact fingerprint readers. This eliminates the risk of passing viruses such as COVID 19 between your staff/ customers.

This offers a completely safe, secure, and seamless process, eliminating the possibility of the fraudulent sharing of, key cards, e-tickets or smart passes and eliminating the need for any unnecessary contact – which, as previously noted, is increasingly desirable due to the Covid pandemic.

This technology is the way forward in secure, convenient, and safe access control technology. Safety, ease of use, and time-saving technology is what the world is calling for right now and contactless solutions undeniably deliver on all of these.


4. Improve staff and customer experience

Offering frictionless, contactless biometric access can speed up access for employees and allow you to still secure your organisations. A well-managed biometric access control system can also offer a seamless experience for your customers.

Biometric access control and time attendance can transform your organisation’s capacity for agile working. For many companies Covid has shown how biometrics can be leveraged for touchless office access. Now, as staff return on hybrid working models, having secure, flexible and adaptable access control systems has never been more important. Organisations have the opportunity to transform their workspaces into frictionless yet secure spaces.  


5.  Highly Efficient

Organisations demand highly efficient security systems. Biometric verification systems not only enhance security, but make it is easier and more efficient to manage key functions such as employee attendance for payroll, holidays, and access to restricted areas. It is even helpful for employees as they don’t need to remember their keycards or fobs.

In addition, if employees are no longer at the company it’s much easier to remove access without the need to get back cards/fobs.


For a seamless biometric access control solution see Arana Security’s BioWave Solution.